FullCircle ERP Inventory Buffer

Problem: Website sales are continually overselling inventory in our ERP. For some time now website sales have caused issues with inventory. Due to the speed at which inventory is updated along with the multiple channels in which inventory is sold there is now a need to build a buffer into web sales inventory. This buffer will […]

Amazon Product Feed Parser in Python

After finding out that our current web service provider does not in fact provide an avenue to get a product feed to amazon I set out coding. GOAL: The main goal here is to produce a file that fits with Amazons upload template you can find here. Problem and variables: So the biggest problem I […]

Automating a daily task in Python (BINGO)

This is a demonstrate of how you can completely eliminate small daily tasks entirely using python. At the company I work for currently every employee is given a bingo board and every day the warehouse does without a loss time accident a bingo number is called. Each time someone wins they get a small cash prize […]