Amazon Product Feed Parser in Python

After finding out that our current web service provider does not in fact provide an avenue to get a product feed to amazon I set out coding.


The main goal here is to produce a file that fits with Amazons upload template you can find here.

Problem and variables:

So the biggest problem I have to resolve is that key data I need to setup a listing through Amazon is not in one file. It’s in two, and of course those two files are of different types. One is a text file and the other an XML file. With all that being said I set off.

The first thing I needed to do was establish a common variable between both files. Something I can use to weave them both together with. In this case I used the Product ID code.

Second I need to parse each file differently exposing only the data I wish to use in the Amazon product feed. This proved relatively easy with the .XML file and slightly more cumbersome with the .txt file.

Great! Now I have parsed both files and am getting consistent good data. Each file has key identifier I can use to stitch them together when i wish however I have not yet constrained the data I want to see in the output.

Finally I create a file that acts as the master search file. In this file I have product sku’s delimited by new lines. This acts as the search mechanism for pulling the desired data out  of the now already parsed data files.

And that’s it! The administrator adds the sku’s they desire to the search file and after a few seconds they receive neatly arranged output ready for upload to amazon. The administrator can either choose to add additional fields or send it up as is.

Project: AmazonFeedParser
Author: Jordon Lovik
Date: 2/24/17
###Step 1 retrieve files 01_Products.xml and 01_Inventory.txt from fullcirle at location: /v3/ex_web2/s
###Step 2 move these files into data folder in the project AFTCOInventoryParser at location: C:\Users\jordon.AFTCO\PycharmProjects\AFTCOInventoryParser\data
###Step 3 run script
###Step 4 review outputin excel
###Step 5 upload to Amazon
def main():
    import os
    from xml.etree import ElementTree

    inventoryfile = open('C:/Users/jordon.AFTCO/PycharmProjects/AFTCOInventoryParser/data/01_inventory.txt', 'r')
    searchfile = open('C:/Users/jordon.AFTCO/PycharmProjects/AFTCOInventoryParser/data/key.txt', 'r')
    amazonfile = open('C:/Users/jordon.AFTCO/PycharmProjects/AFTCOInventoryParser/data/AmazonUpload.txt', 'w')
    inventoryread = inventoryfile.readlines()
    keysread = searchfile.readlines()

    inventory = []
    keys = []

    def searchkeyfile(keylist, seachlist):
        """takes in one key list and returns the
                matches in search list as a list"""
        outputstring = []
        for key in keylist:  # for each key sku seachlist
            for x in seachlist:
                if x[0] == (key[0]):
                    # outputstring = key[0] + '\t' + x[1]
        return outputstring
    def searchcombine(keylist, seachlist):
        """takes in one key list and returns the
                matches in search list as a list"""
        outputstring = []
        for key in keylist:  # for each key sku seachlist
            for x in seachlist:
                if x[0] == (key[0]):
                    outstring = key[0], key[2], x[1], key[1]
        return outputstring
    #append inventoryread to inventory list
    for i in inventoryread: #split strings into list
        t = i.split()
        for items in t:
            output = t[0] + t[2] + t[1]
            output2 = t[3]
            output3 = [output , output2]
    #append keysread to keys list
    for j in keysread:

    xml_data = ElementTree.parse('C:/Users/jordon.AFTCO/PycharmProjects/AFTCOInventoryParser/data/01_products.xml')
    product = xml_data.findall('product')

    product_parsed = [] #will hold parsed product data
    for items in product: #parses xml data
            sku = items.find('avail_sizes/sku').text
        except AttributeError:
            upc = items.find('avail_sizes/upc').text
        except AttributeError:
            msrp = items.find('msrp').text
        except AttributeError:
        temp = [sku, upc, msrp]
        product_parsed.append(temp)# holds list of product data

    inventoryoutput = searchkeyfile(keys, inventory)
    productoutput = searchkeyfile(keys, product_parsed)
    outputfinal = searchcombine(productoutput, inventoryoutput)
    b = [] #inicialize b
    for c in outputfinal:
        if b == c:#if c is equal to the previous list item dont write
            concant = c[0] + '\t' + c[1] + '\t' + c[2] + '\n'
        b = [] #reset b membory
        b = c #give b the value of current list

#product_parsed is ready for combine function
if __name__ == "__main__":

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