Repair Failed Disk in raid 5 array Synology RS815+

So your raid 5 has a failed disk. Don’t panic this is what we have been training for.

First of all good work, you chose the right raid type. In an environment that needs to have no down time as well as exceptional read write speeds raid 5 is the way to go. So without further ado let’s get your Synology back to fully functional.

  1. First things first pull out the disk drive that is causing the problems. The Synology is built to hot swap so go ahead on yank it out right away. Remember your working against the clock here to some extent and you want your system running on 4 drives for as little time as possible.
  2. Once you have removed the drive check with the manufacture of the HDD to see if its still under warranty.  All major manufactures have quick and easy way to check to see if your drive is still protected using the Serial Number listed on the drive. for example Western Digital.
  3. Now after your replacement drive arrives its time to plug it back in again don’t be bashful popping it in while the system is running is what its designed for. Once you have seated the new drive firmly in its place navigate to the Volume tab under Storage Manager
  4. Now with the volume selected choose Manage then select Repair and next. Finally select the disk that needs to be initialized and re added to the array then hit next. WARNING: you will receive a message at this point informing you that in order to initialize this disk for use in your array it will need to be erased. No problem since this is a black disk! Click OK then Apply.
  5. Excellent! your finished. Monitor the repair status to make sure it completes without error and your good. Remember if you now have an old corrupted HDD dispose of it responsibly by destroying it thoroughly.


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