Export PST file from office 365 using Outlook 2013

Creating a backup .pst file for terminated users is an important task for all Systems Administrators. Here is how i export mailboxes from office 365.

Prerequisite: First i change a users password to something i know using AD allowing time of at to sync said change to office 365 in the cloud.

  1. Login as that user and go to In the Control Panel create a new mail profile using the Mail Setup 32bit set radio button to Prompt for a profile to be used then hit ok and restart outlook.
  2. Now choose the profile you just created and hit ok. Wait for outlook to prepare the local mailbox.
  3. This is the tedious part. Wait until all messages have been downloaded to your computer. check lower right footer to see status of download. if it says all folders are up to date you are ready for the next step. Note: I like to click on every folder to make sure each folder says its up to date to insure no messages are missing.
  4. Once you are sure you have everything on your local computer export the PST file. go to File select Open & Export choose Import/Export then Export to a file and next. Click Outlook Data File(.pst). Finally make sure you have the Email address highlighted and hit next choose your export location and hit finish.
  5. Now make sure you store this in a secure location that backs up regularly for redundancy. You can now access a terminated users email address when need be.
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